David's Story

David celebrated his 4th birthday on April 21, 2014. At his 4 year old check up, his pediatrician felt a mass in his abdominal area. After sending us for an ultrasound to check it out further, it was determined that he has a bilateral Wilm's tumor, a cancerous tumor on both his kidneys. 

David J has had 4 rounds of chemotherapy and round 5 will be on May 21.  Here is a photo posted by Erika, David's mom.

His cancer is Stage 4, and has spread to both kidneys and one of his lungs.  Bilateral nephroblastoma (meaning "both sides") only happens in about 5% of Wilm's Tumor patients.  There are multiple tumors on David's left kidney, and a very large one on his right kidney. 

Little "Super David" has a long road of treatment ahead of him.  After 6-12 weeks of chemo, his right kidney and its tumor will need to be removed.  There will be months of chemo and/or radiation afterwards. 

The functioning ability of his left kidney is still questionable.  David may end up needing a transplant, depending on how the other tumors react to his treatments.  In addition, this nasty cancer has also spread to one of his lungs.

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We will use this site to  help raise funds for David J.  Please visit often.

David J's parents, Erika and Dave, provide posts on David's progress continually at the following link.  To view the blog updates all you need to do is to open a Caring Bridge account.  The instructions are on the page.

Erika and Dave's Daily Update

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Prayers for Super David